Detroit decay

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I Don't FEEL Tardy...typical of the untypicalVanishing PointBrush ParkAbandoned house in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit decay, a gallery on Flickr.

A gallery of photos showing the sad decay of Detroit


Macro Test

CircuitBoard-3664 by Neil Hobbs
CircuitBoard-3664, a photo by Neil Hobbs on Flickr.

This is the circuit board on a hard drive.
Sigma 105mm macro + 13mm, 21mm & 31mm manual extension tubes.
To give an idea of scale the writing C307 is about 3mm across.
One problem I came across is that I can only use the lens wide open, the K5 won’t stop the aperture down.
Using the same combination on my K10D does work changing the aperture.
Have gone through all the menu settings & cannot see anything amiss. Have I missed something obvious or is it a characteristic(fault) of the K5?

Pentax K10D

K10front K10rr

Bought the Pentax K10D in August 2007 with the 18-55mm kit lens. At the time I had also considered the Nikon D80 & Canon EOS30 but preferred the feel & handling of the Pentax.

It is what you could call a full size DSLR and feels very solid. The controls are logically laid out and it is generally a joy to use. I soon added a Sigma 70-300mm zoom, Sigma 10-20mm & Sigma 105mm Macro. I now find that probably 90% of the time I use the 10-20mm, just love the ultra-wide view.

The K10D goes up to ISO1600 but gets really noisy at 800 & 1600, generally convert those shots to black & white because of the noise.

I love the solid feel of the camera and the little catches that close the memory card & battery doors, the anti-shake is genuinely useful and of course works on all your lenses. The viewfinder is nice & bright. Battery life is excellent, especially compared to the Minolta A2 which shares the same type of battery.

Have never had any problems with the K10D, it has worked perfectly. However certain things began to bug me, mainly the poor high ISO performance and how loud the shutter is. When you take a shot it is a definite clunk.

Started doing some research and decided on the Pentax K5 as a suitable replacement.

Olympus C750

OlyFt OlyRr

This was my first digital camera, bought new in December 2003. It’s basically a large compact with 4 mega-pixels, 38-380mm zoom, 1.5″ screen and electronic viewfinder. It uses XD type memory cards.

Main reasons I chose this was because it had full manual control, manual focus and an impressive zoom range. At the time I thought it was brilliant. Using it now the viewfinder seems very lo-res and the rear screen tiny. I took this on holiday to Italy and it did a good job. I only had 2 memory cards: a 16mb & a 128mb. Amazingly that was enough!

Kept using the Olympus until 2005 when I had the urge to upgrade to the Minolta Diamage A2

Minolta Dimage A2

MinoltaFt MinoltaRrBought this little beauty in 2005 and I still love this camera. 8 mega-pixel “bridge” camera with 28-200 mm zoom lens and shake reduction.

The camera is a nice size, has full manual control, a great zoom lens and a hi-res (for the day) electronic viewfinder. The viewfinder could be tilted up 90degrees for ease of viewing looking down on the camera. The rear screen tilted and there was an optical sensor that switched to the EVF when you put your eye to it.

The camera took CF cards and could shoot RAW files. It could produce excellent results.

Minus points were the images could be quite noisey, especially over ISO 400, the sensor was quite small so you could not use small depth-of-field to isolate your subject despite a maximum f2.8 aperture. I also had couple of faults with mine. Sent back under warranty due to focusing problems and later on because it would cause vignetting in one corner.

Despite this it is a great camera and it still gets regular use, took it to Spain earlier this year as I didn’t want to take the SLR outfit. It coped very well, only a couple of times I wished I had my K10 with me.

If they could give it a bigger sensor, with higher ISO sensitivity & less noise, higher definition viewfinder, change to SD memory card, give it a larger rear screen and extend the zoom to 20-300mm in the same size body it would be just about perfect.


Canon IXUS40


Bought this second-hand off of eBay. I was looking for a small, compact camera that could fit in my pocket. It’s only 4 mega-pixel but its a little gem. Nice sturdy metal body, proper viewfinder and manual override if you need it. Results are really rather good. Just right if you are out for a walk & don’t want to lug your DSLR kit around.

Had to buy a replacement battery and the rear screen is looking a little bit scuffed now. Largely superceded by my iPhone now. The iPhone is also 4 mega-pixel and is always with me. Downside is the flash is not particularly good and it doesn’t have viewfinder.

The perfect little camera, 4 mega-pixel is more than enough for showing photos on your TV or computer monitor, is nice to use, feels like a quality item and easily slips in your pocket.

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